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I am a writer of erotica myself, let my words show what I mean:

We have been wandering the beautiful town of Toledo, a famous town in the south of Spain. You enter the town via an ancient bridge, the city on the hill facing you. Old cobbled streets, all old houses, ancient buildings, museums, shops. Really amazing. When we get tired, me and Hubby look for a restaurant. We ask to a shopkeeper, for a good and original restaurant. He seizes us and then decides to tell us, there is a restaurant nearby. Old building, great restored, very good. We go there, and he is right, it is very nice.

You must imagine an ancient house, home, and the centre is all space, open from bottom to top, the tables are on the separate floors, overlooking the depth between. We settle in a nice cosy corner, the waitress is a nice looking Spanish Lady, or she is more of a girl to me. She has black hair, dark eyes, much like me but she is the Fury herself, the Spanish Fury. I look full amazement,

“what’s up” I asks him, “impressed?”

He nods, “very!”

“Good, you can try how far you get, and when we get home I will give you a severe beating for being Macho!”

My shoe trail upon his my leg, and slowly moving forward to his crotch.

“Open your zipper” I says. He obeys and feel the heel moving in on the target, though tired of walking all day his little elephant is ready for service. This is hot, I poke it, smiling,

“having fun?” he sighs and closes his eyes.

Suddenly our Fury is next to us, he blushes since she must have noticed something. She looks hi, in the eye, then turns to me.

“are you all right Lady? Can I help?”

We look at each other, and he fails to see the wink of the Fury.

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is. Can you help me with some hot pepper, we need to put someone in its proper place”

“Sure mDm, no problem”, She is back in an instant,

“maybe you can show my Husband the toilets, he needs to hide them, you know, somewhere private”.

I smiles, the Fury smiles, he stand up when I tell him to, forgotting to close his zipper, something bulging out!

“You better do something about that, sir!”

He blushes again, yes, when he fumble with the fly, not fast enough,

“leave it, go now”, I say!

They walk off, she leads him to the Ladys,

“enter, please”.

He enters, does not dare to protest.

“Drop your pants, now”.

He obeys,

“underwear too, quick. Or do you want to get caught trying to rape me?”

He does it, quickly. She produces the red pepper and starts to smirk it all around his privats, his dick is growing fast, she takes it in her hand and shoves the head into the open, start to rub that too. OMG, it starts to hurt, really hurt.

“Now bent”,

and the Fury rubs his crack, and all of a sudden she pushes the red pepper in his arse. The Fury slaps my bottom, hard, again, again. Until the tears spring into his eyes.

“Now, back you go, and be nice to your wife, she deserves great attention”.

He starts walking back, totally humiliated.

“Wait”, she says.

He turns around in the door, and she slaps him in the face, left, hard, right, even harder.

“That will teach you not to thank me”.

“Thank you, my Fury”, he stammers. The tears weld from the eyes, wanting to wipe them off, don’t the Fury sags.

“DON’T, walk back and when the meal is over I expect a large tip, otherwise we will meet again. And I will bring some help!”

Now, unsure of what to do he walks back, head spinning, and his private parts on fire. He sits on the chair, I offer my feet, he start massaging them.

“Nice?”, She asks.

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