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Hollywood, CA (July 20, 2018) – The YNOT Cam Awards has announced the official categories for the first annual YNOT Cam Awards, which will take place on October 24th at the Avalon Hollywood in Hollywood, CA. Models, fans and friends can now submit nominee suggestions for each category.

Categories include awards honoring women and men performers, as well as models excelling in social media, multi-platform workplace mastery, innovative shows, best personal model site and more. The full list of categories is available at awards.ynotcam.com, and is visible when suggesting a nominee.

To suggest a nominee to YNOT, please visit the website and choose the “Suggest Nominee” link in the upper-right corner of the page. Both industry members and fans are welcome to submit suggestions.

“The YNOT Cam Awards will highlight the evolution of adult entertainment, and with that in mind we gave a lot of thought to the categories for this first show,” said Connor Young, CEO of YNOT.

“We’re rejecting old adult content niches that reduce performers to body parts or stereotypes. You won’t find a category for ‘Best Tits’ or ‘Interracial Couple’ with the YNOT Cam Awards, those old categories dehumanize performers and don’t make sense in the modern online adult community,” Young added.

True to its mission to break down walls and change the narrative, the YNOT Cam Awards will also feature some categories that may include interactive performers of all genders.

“Less than half of the award categories are either just for all women or just for all men,” Young explained. “More than half of the categories are open to performers of all genders. With this new approach to awards, we’re asking everyone to look at the adult community differently and to think about its performers differently.”

Cam community leaders have taken notice of YNOT’s unique approach.

“We were impressed by YNOT’s unique vision for the YNOT Cam Awards, including its recognition of the role webcams have played in changing views on adult entertainment,” says Chloe from ImLive, a Platinum sponsor of the event.

“We understand how hard models work, and we believe YNOT will do a fantastic job creating a platform for both the industry and the fans to recognize and celebrate cam performers,” she added.

To make it easy for YNOT to contact models when they’re suggested for a category, those submitting suggestions are highly encouraged to include either the model’s YNOT ID username or the model’s email address when submitting the form. When this information is supplied, models who are suggested for a category will be notified by email and can log into their YNOT ID accounts to either accept or reject a nomination suggestion.

Models interested in being nominated for a YNOT Cam Award are advised to setup a YNOT ID account in advance, then share their usernames with any fans or friends wishing to suggest them for a category. “This will make it really easy for models to accept nominations and be ready to go when voting starts in August,” Young added.

More details about the nomination process can be found on YNOT.

The four Platinum sponsors of the YNOT Cam Awards include ImLive, Chaturbate, Studio20 and Flirt4Free. Gold sponsors include IWantClips.com and FreeWebcams.

Companies interested in sponsoring the YNOT Cam Awards, or securing VIP dinner tables for the event, should contact jay@ynoteventsllc.com for details.

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The YNOT Cam Awards in Hollywood, California kicks off in October 2018 with a mission to recognize top webcam and clips models from the adult interactive community.  The event seeks to highlight how the interactive nature of the internet has transformed the way that fans think about adult entertainment and its performers.  YNOT Cam Awards brings together top models with business professionals from the leading webcam networks, studios and service providers for a glamorous night in the heart of Hollywood.  It demonstrates how interactive webcam technologies empower adult performers in ways not previously possible, and also provide fans with a more authentic and rewarding experience that better serves their needs for rewarding human social interaction.

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