Twistbox and MrSkin Join Forces for Online Celebrity Nudity Distribution in Europe


Cyberspace, February 15, 2019 — Being an affiliate for celebrity nudity just got better. A whole lot better.

Known for fast-forwarding to the “good parts” since 1999,, the #1 go-to destination online for Hollywood starlets at their barest has worked a distribution deal with Twistbox, an adult industry leading content distribution and mobile monetization platform. Fans and affiliates of celebrity nudity can now rejoice. In several languages even. Ler Khodaverdy, VP of Operations for Twistbox states, "We’re excited to add another powerful brand to our portfolio. MrSkin will allow us to expand our marketing efforts while tapping into a whole new user base. We’re monetizing with mobile carrier billing and adding a new revenue line for Mr.Skin, without cannibalizing their core business.”

"Now fans of MrSkin can be monetized on a mobile carrier connection in Portugal and South Africa, with Greece and Czech Republic on the way. Anyone with mobile traffic in those Geos should get in touch and learn how we can help them make mobile money.” He continues, "This is exciting news for Twistbox, as it allows us to tap into a whole new user base, while promoting an always interesting brand and niche."

Sam Rakowski, President of SK Intertainment (Mr. Skin Parent) states, “It’s been our mission to expand our celebrity nudity ‘skinpire' world-wide and Twistbox has been a great partner in that regard. With their billing partnerships and our amazing content we are able to offer something truly unique for affiliates in Europe and beyond. I’m excited to bring the Mr. Skin brand abroad and make it a household name as it is here in the U.S.!"

Affiliates can now experience higher conversions with one and two click flows in key markets including South Africa, Portugal, and Greece. This latest partnership between Twistbox and SK Intertainment is poised to take affiliates of celebrity nudity (as well as fans) to new and exciting territories. Interested parties should contact their account managers to get started with promotions, or signup at, or

About Twistbox

Twistbox is a B2B mobile services provider with direct mobile carrier connections, a proprietary content distribution platform, and offers that are developed in-house. They are mobile experts featuring top quality content, and an extensive network of digital marketing and advertising agency relationships.

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About MrSkin.comLaunched in 1999, the Mr. Skin website is the world’s #1 resource for celebrity nudity. As an all-encompassing film-review site, allows 10-million unique monthly visitors to enjoy a vast database of photos, movie clips, bios, and reviews. Fans of female celebrity skin can "fast forward to the good parts" through over 20,000 actress bios, 30,000 movie and TV show reviews, plus over 200,000 photos and videos. Not only is Mr. Skin the one-stop destination for the sexiest scenes from Hollywood’s biggest stars, it is also frequently updated with the latest nudecomers and the hottest scenes from current movies, TV, and multimedia.

The site also includes Feature Stories, Top Ten Lists, Skinterviews, The Anatomy Awards and much more. was featured in Hollywood blockbuster films Knocked Up (2007) and Entourage (2015) as well as the hit TV shows Family Guy, Saturday Night Live, Californication and many more! Founder Jim "Mr. Skin" McBride continues to be one of the most sought-after guests in radio, appearing regularly on The Howard Stern Show, and garnering profiles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Playboy, and The New York Post.

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