For Immediate Release: Animal International Title comes to DomCon 2020

For Immediate Release: Contact: Jay Moyes, Animal International Title comes to DomCon 2020 Los Angeles, CA — DomCon LA 2020 introduces Animal International, a title for pet and animal players who don't want to stop at transforming themselves into glorious, fantastical creatures, but who wish to transform the world around them as well. It will be held Saturday, May 9th, during DomCon LA 2020, the premiere professional and lifestyle BDSM convention, at the Hilton LAX hotel, 5711 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. While this event is for adults only, any adult who identifies or role-plays as any animal, either pet or primal, is welcome to compete. Furthermore, contestants do not need handlers. This is a totally inclusive event and competition meant to strengthen and benefit our environment, world and community. “We were thinking about making this a traditional leather title, but we’ve learned there are a lot of people in the community that are into animal role play, but are not leather,” said DomCon Founder and President, Mistress Cyan. “We do not want to exclude someone because of their lifestyle, sexual orientation, gender identity, or even how they identify in our kink world. We decided to make this a fetish event that’s open to leather and non-leather identifying people.” “I’m always looking for ways to broaden the horizon of animal play, be more inclusive and really inspire people,” said Madame Margherite, producer of Animal International 2020. “One thing about DomCon is we have always aimed to empower our communities and this is one more way we will be able to do that.” There will be three judges deciding who will win. The winner of Animal International will take away a custom sash and will be expected to teach a class or workshop at a future DomCon, do something tangible to improve the environment, and judge next year’s Animal International title. Go to for more information on this event and to register for the competition. Check out for tickets, registration, party details and so much more. ### About DomCon Los Angeles DomCon LA is the world’s largest professional and lifestyle domination convention. The convention is the result of Mistress Cyan's dedication over the years to bring a better understanding of BDSM in the adult alternative lifestyle and to bring the kink, leather, fetish and professional communities together. The event celebrates diversity and promotes awareness through demonstrations, seminars, and panel discussions. DomCon LA also acts as a showcase for creators and performers from around the world to debut their latest talents to the kinky and curious public at large. Joining in the event are the world’s top Dominatrices, bondage and fetish models, webmasters, fetish photographers, performing artists, sex educators, leatherfolk and BDSM lifestyle people. @OfficialDomCon on Twitter @DomConOfficial on Instagram

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