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new content - new look

Please pardon the lack of content. After careful thought about interviews and the current content, we felt it was important to keep up with our times and technology.  All content will be changing with topics to keep our community safe and engaged. New interviews are coming in 2022. We thank you for the years of support and continue to support and serve our community. Stay tuned!

Coming in 2022!

We are now taking ad placements for the new KEM Nation List.
This is a professional list for content creators directing linking your customers to your platforms.
There is a 3 month minimum commitment. 
Please use the
contact form to inquire about locking in your rates.


Hiring Opportunities

We are accepting applications for those who are interested in writing for us. If you have experience in adult education, social issues pertaining to the adult world, please use our contact form to connect

Advertising is now open

We now are offering generous space for the new KEM TopTalk Interview show. All ads will be video style. We are also opening ad space through the magazine and embedded ads in articles. Use our contact form to inquire

Interviews and Discussions on OF issues

If you are an owner or manage a platform or a content creator we want to hear from you! Pls connect with our contact form to coordinate an interview to discuss the future of content creation

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